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Moskwa – band formed in 1983 by vocalist and guitarist in one - Pawel Gumola, is a legendary polish punk-rock formation, who has been giving concerts on polish stage for 30 years. The band made its debut at the Jarocin Festiwal in 1984, when it was consisted of Pawel Gumola (lead vocal, guitar), Piotr Rogozinski (bass guitar), Tomasz Gron (drums).

In 1985 the formation shows-up as a main star at Jarocin Festival and takes part in a documentary film titled ‘The Wave’ directed by Piotr Lazarkiewicz. The movie presents Jarocin Festival telling story of music, bands, festival’s atmosphere and Moskwa band itself.

In the following year the BBC television team made a movie about polish rock stage titled ‘My Blood Your Blood’ directed by Andrzej Kostenko. The vocalist of Moskwa with his personal life story became the leading theme of that movie. ‘My Blood Your Blood’ was shown at the cinemas in over 50 countries, meanwhile ‘The Wave’ awaited its premiere at the cinemas in Poland.

The first album was released in 1989 (named ‘Moskwa’) and disappeared from music store shelves within one week. The next album ‘Unusual Life’ was released two years later in 1990. Subsequently, the band went for a concert tour to Germany. Afetrwards the vocalist suspended activity for 3 years, which period was sacrified for seeking spiritual inspiration in India. From 2000 the band is fully reactivated giving concerts again.

Moskwa bases its music on punk-rock and hard-core styles.
Current band members: Pawel Gumola – vocal, guitar, Kamil Roginski – bass guitar, Radek Jarzyna – drum kit.

Presented by 1664Music and Born Again Concerts.

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